Difference between Drug addiction & alcoholism

Is alcoholism or being addicted to alcohol different from being addicted to drugs? Or are both of these just drugs but in different phases? If yes for the latter, then why? Because alcohol is legal & drugs aren’t?

Turns out alcohol indeed is one of the “Drugs of Abuse” as NIDA states. And the claim that drugs aren’t legal is also true. Simply put, “Alcohol addiction” is just another subspace under “Drug addiction”.

However, the difference solely lies in their physical effects:

Alcoholism’s effects in our body include damage to liver, heart, brain& pancreas, depression, blood pressures, etc. while the drug addiction effects include organ failures, overdoses, toxic accumulations, etc.

One can hear from the experts that both these addictions are just two forms of addiction and there’s no point of similarities or differences between them as their final motive is to stimulate infected pleasures into the minds of the addicts.

However, as described earlier not all signs or issues are the same for both these addictions. But the treatment processes are similar!

Treatment for drug & alcohol addiction although similar, varies from person to person because of factors like level of addiction, duration of substance or alcohol abuse, frequency of abuse, etc.

Of all the drug addiction & alcohol addiction recovery facilities, the inpatient rehabilitation centers are the most effective because of their individual-based approach. Consider Unity Behavioral Health, for the sake of an example. They tend to design structured programs to offer proper & comprehensive treatment against addiction & other co-occurring mood disorders.

Overall, these rehab centers like the one mentioned – the Universal Behavioral Health center, tend to employ evidence-based practices & approaches that have been proven to be effective for recovery against addictive disorders.

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